Type 1 Diabetes: Career, Workplace, and Travel

Daron shares the little things he does to help keep his blood sugars under control, while maintaining his university workload to avoid burnout. Nurse Joanna Naylor talks about the importance of informing your employers and co-workers about your condition, and of having a job you’re passionate about. Finally, Daron offers tips for diabetes management while travelling.

This episode was created using excerpts from our interviews with Daron McCarthy and Joanna Naylor.
This episode is kindly supported by Diabetes New Zealand and sponsored by Sanofi New Zealand.

This episode is part of a 5-part series focusing on a different aspects of managing life with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Disclaimer: These episodes are intended for a non-US audience. Units of measurement for blood glucose are referred to in mmol/L rather than the standard US mg/dL.

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