Spinal Cord Injury: Self-Care and Independence

Dom, who suffered a C5/6 spinal cord injury when he was 23 years old, and Dr. Adrienne Epps, Senior Staff Specialist and Head of Rehab2Kids at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, talk to us about self-care and independence. Though taking good care of yourself may often require the help and assistance of others, it’s important to take an active role in your care and do what you can to regain some of the independence that may have diminished since experiencing an injury. Listen in as Dom tells us about a day in his life and the routine he follows with the help of his care team.

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Special thanks to:

Dom Freestone http://www.freewheeler.com.au/

Dr Adrienne Epps,
Senior Medical Staff Specialist and Head of Department, Rehab2Kids, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, MBBS, FRACP, FAFRM

Deborah Woodforde,
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist (B.app.Sc (Physiotherapy)), Paediatric Spinal Outreach Service.

Isabel Chapman,
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, NSW Paediatric Spinal Outreach Service BaAppSci (Phty) Hons, PGCert (Phty) Paeds

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