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Type 1 Diabetes: Career, Workplace, and Travel

Daron shares the little things he does to help keep his blood sugars under control, while maintaining his university workload to avoid burnout. Nurse Joanna Naylor talks about the importance of informing your employers and co-workers about your condition, and of having a job you’re passionate about. Finally, Daron offers tips for diabetes management while […]

Type 1 Diabetes: Relationships and Flatmates

Daron and diabetes nurse, Joanna Naylor, discuss healthy relationships and the importance of educating family, friends, and flatmates on diabetes so they can provide extra support. They also talk about the transition period from parents managing your blood sugars to taking care of yourself. This episode was created using excerpts from our interviews with Daron […]

Type 1 Diabetes: Health and Lifestyle

Daron shares how type 1 diabetes has impacted his exercise routines and how he keeps a positive mindset. Diabetes nurse, Joanna Naylor, explains how working with a diabetes practitioner can help improve mental health and overall blood sugar management. Daron and Joanna also discuss the potential dangers of drinking alcohol as a person living with […]

Type 2 Diabetes: Karl’s Story

In his words, Karl shares his experience of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in his 30’s and how it has changed his life. Doctor Murphy debunks common myths and offers advice on successful T2D management. This episode was created using excerpts from our interviews with Karl Rudolph and Doctor Rinki Murphy. This episode is […]

Type 1 Diabetes: Daron’s Story

Daron tells us the story of his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes at age 12 and how he’s learned to manage life after diagnosis. Diabetes nurse, Joanna Naylor, shares her clinical perspective and debunks some of the misconceptions and challenges surrounding living with the condition. This episode was created using excerpts from our interviews with […]